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    Looking to replace your worn out garbage disposal? Work with the Paso Robles plumbing professionals who have your best interest in mind. Rocksteady Plumbing will make sure your new garbage disposal unit is installed safely and efficiently. We love to share our knowledge with customers, so you will also receive tips and advice on how to best maintain your device. Your trusty Paso Robles plumbers goal is to help you achieve plumbing peace of mind.

    We provide garbage disposal installation services in Paso Robles and surrounding areas in San Luis Obispo County. Give us a call today to schedule immediate service in your area!

    Repairing vs. Replacing Your Garbage Disposal Unit

    If your device is still under warranty, choosing garbage disposal repair over replacement will be the more cost-effective choice.

    Common garbage disposal problems we resolve include:

    Your Paso Robles plumber will make every effort to carry out repairs when possible. However, in some cases installing a new device is the more practical option. If your garbage disposal is over ten years old and is starting to show signs of inefficiency, it may be time to consider replacement. Repairing an older garbage disposal won’t return your device to full efficiency, and further problems are likely to develop even with frequent repairs.

    Which Type of Garbage Disposal Do You Need?

    There are two types of garbage disposals available: continuous feed and batch feed devices. These two types are significantly different when it comes to operation and ease of use.

    Continuous Feed

    Continuous feed garbage disposals are the most common type available. Your current device is likely continuous feed. Their budget-friendly pricing and ease of use make them a popular choice for many homeowners.

    With a continuous feed device, you simply switch on the power and drop in your leftover food waste. The unit will continue to run as long as it’s switched on. This means extra caution is required while the device is running—make sure you don’t accidentally drop utensils, jewelry, or other important objects!

    Your Paso Robles plumbers recommend continuous feed garbage disposals for larger households or those with a significant amount of daily food waste to grind. It’s also the ideal choice for those who prefer convenience on a budget.

    Batch Feed

    Batch feed garbage disposals, as their name suggests, operate in “batches.” They don’t turn on with just a flick of the switch. You will first need to drop in your food waste, then cover the drain with a dedicated stopper. The device turns on when the stopper is properly fitted in.

    As a result, batch feed devices offer greater safety. Households with small children will appreciate this advantage. However, the extra steps needed to operate a batch feed garbage disposal may be an inconvenience if you need to get rid of a large amount of food waste on a daily basis.

    Before your Paso Robles plumber installs your new device, let us know which type you prefer. We can also advise you in your selection and help you choose the right product that best meets your needs and budget.

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