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Have you made an appointment to have your backflow prevention assembly inspected this year? Contact Rocksteady Plumbing at 805-237-7625 for certified Paso Robles, CA backflow testing.

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    If you have a backflow prevention assembly installed on your property, annual testing is required to remain in compliance with county ordinances. Rocksteady Plumbing is a certified backflow testing company in San Luis Obispo County, serving customers in Paso Robles and surrounding areas.

    In addition to testing, your trusty Paso Robles plumbers can also help you install county-approved backflow prevention assemblies and repair your existing system. Give us a call to schedule immediate service in your area.

    What is Backflow?

    Backflow occurs when potable drinking water is mixed with contaminated water. The flow of water is reversed, causing the “backflow.” This is caused by either backpressure or backsiphonage.

    Backpressure occurs when the water pressure in your plumbing line exceeds the water pressure of the municipal line. This allows wastewater from your plumbing system to enter the city’s main water line, which can lead to contaminated drinking water.

    Backsiphonage occurs when contaminated water flows in the reverse direction due to a change in pressure. This often happens when a fire hydrant is in use or bursts, or when there is a water main break.

    A properly installed backflow prevention assembly will help you avoid problems with backpressure and backsiphonage, and keep the community’s drinking water safe.

    Are You Required to Install a Backflow Prevention Assembly?

    Backflow prevention assemblies are mostly used in commercial establishments. However, some homeowners are required to have backflow prevention in place as well—particularly if you have cross connections between your plumbing system and the municipal water system.

    If your property has any of the following, you will need to install a backflow prevention assembly per county regulations:

    These systems can introduce harmful contaminants—such as pesticides, chemicals, chlorine, sediment, or waste—into the drinking water supply if cross-connection occurs.

    Rocksteady Plumbing provides expert Paso Robles backflow prevention assembly installations for residential and commercial properties using Wilkins products.

    The types of systems we install include:

    Serving All of San Luis Obispo County

    Get fast solutions to your plumbing problems no matter where you are in the county. We work with customers throughout Paso Robles and the rest of San Luis Obispo County, including the following areas:

    What to Expect During Backflow Testing

    You will receive a reminder from the San Luis Obispo County Cross Connection Prevention Program forty-five days before your backflow test is due. Contact our certified backflow testers in Paso Robles for timely service.

    We will thoroughly inspect and test your backflow prevention assembly, making sure everything remains compliant with local code. If there are no problems, the process should take about 30 minutes. If your reliable Paso Robles plumbers notice issues with your system (such as valve leaks or other irregularities), we will perform repairs on the spot. Once testing is complete, we will submit a test report to the city on your behalf.

    Keep your drinking water clean and comply with local regulations

    Contact Rocksteady Plumbing at 805-237-7625 for professional backflow prevention testing, installation, and repair in Paso Robles.

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    Great guy great work !

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    The words plumbing and reliable don't always go together. Then you have Rocksteady Plumbing. We have had them do quite a bit of work...including a new hybrid electric water heater. Paul is really outstanding, very able to deal with the most complex issues, while being, well rock steady! Most highly recommended.

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    Paul R.

    Cleared a mainline stoppage in Paso Robles. Performed a video inspection of the line to ensure no further issues.

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    Paso Robles, CA - Cleared a mainline stoppage in Paso Robles.  Performed a video inspection of the line to ensure no further issues.
    Paul R.

    Paul R.

    Repaired a non heating Bradford White 40 gallon propane water heater in San Miguel.

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    Paso Robles, CA - Repaired a non heating Bradford White 40 gallon propane water heater in San Miguel.
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