How To Properly Reset Your Water Heater

With the cold weather on its way, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your water heater in good shape for the coming months. 

A water heater is an important appliance that provides hot water for various household needs, including bathing, washing dishes, and doing laundry. 

But, if you’ve ever had an issue with your water heater—whether it’s a leak, a clog, or a broken part—you know that it can be an expensive and frustrating experience. But did you know that the way you reset your water heater can make all the difference?

In this article, we’ll discuss how to properly reset your water heater, including why water heaters stop working, the importance of pressing the electric water heater reset button, where to find the reset button, how long to hold the reset button and quick hot water heater maintenance tips by an expert plumber in Paso Robles, CA.

Why Do Water Heaters Stop Working?

We all know that water heaters are the most important appliances in our homes. They heat up water so that we can shower, clean our clothes, and cook food. They also provide us with hot water for dishes and laundry.

On top of that, they keep us safe from freezing pipes in wintertime. So when these appliances stop working, it can be pretty scary. But don’t worry! It’s not always a big deal—sometimes, it’s just an easy fix. And if you’re lucky, it’ll just be something simple like a loose wire or something else you could do yourself.

So before you start panicking, check out these six reasons why your water heater might stop working:

1. The pilot light went out, and you didn’t notice.

2. You’re using the wrong type of water for it.

3. You can’t remember how to turn on the hot water heater.

4. You haven’t changed the filter in a long time, and now something growing in there needs to be removed before the whole thing starts smelling like moldy cheese and makes you sick when you shower with it.

5. Your pipes are corroding from using too much hot water, so they’re leaking into your basement and causing damage to the foundation!

6. The heat exchanger has been damaged by corrosion or rust and needs replacement

What is a Reset Button on a Water Heater?

Wondering if “Do hot water heaters have a reset button?” or “Do electric water heaters have a reset button?” Well yes.

A reset button on a water heater is a button that you press to reset your water heater.

It does not turn the water heater on or off but rather returns it to its original state—the way it was when you originally received it.

If you have a water heater problem and are attempting to repair it yourself, don’t forget to click this button!

Why is it important to press the electric water heater reset button?

Pressing the electric water heater reset button is important because it is not only a good way to save energy but also a great way to keep your water heater running smoothly. 

When you press the reset button, you are essentially turning off and on the power switch inside your water heater. This is simple and easy to do, and it can help you avoid some of the common problems with electric water heaters.

If you have an electric water heater, there are two main types of problems that may occur: low flow and high temperature. 

  • Low flow can be caused by sediment buildup in the tank or faulty wiring, leading to an electrical short in the system. 
  • High temperature can be caused by a faulty thermostat or a clogged burner tube. 

If you press the reset button after experiencing either of these problems, you may be able to fix them yourself instead of calling a professional water heater repair or replacement plumber or heating technician!

Where Is the Water Heater Reset Button located?

The location of the water heater reset button may vary based on the model and brand of your water heater. However, in most cases, the reset button is located on the thermostat, which is usually located on the front of the water heater. Some water heaters may also have a separate high-limit switch that can trip and require resetting.

How long do you hold the reset button on a hot water heater?

Wondering, “How long do I need to hold the reset button on a water heater?”

Well, it depends on the type of hot water heater you have and whether or not you’re a trained professional.

Hot water heaters are designed to run through several cycles of heating and cooling before they reach their optimal temperature. The first time you flip the switch, the appliance will heat up to its maximum capacity—but it takes a few hours for it to reach that point. 

Moreover, you may even want to check with the manufacturer of your unit before trying anything else—they might have specific recommendations for how long to hold the reset button down in order to get it working again.

If you don’t know what type of hot water heater you have, then we recommend holding the reset button for 30 seconds before trying anything else (or contacting an expert).

That should do the trick!

6 Steps for Water Heater Reset Button

The water heater reset button is a great thing to know about if you ever find yourself in a bind. If your water heater isn’t working, don’t panic! Just follow these simple steps to learn “how to reset a hot water heater?” and get it up and running again.

Step 1: Turn off the power to the water heater. You can do this by flipping the circuit breaker or turning off the power switch.

Step 2: Find the reset button on your water heater. It’s usually located near the bottom of the unit, but sometimes it can be on a side or back panel instead.

Step 3: Press and hold the reset button for three to five seconds.

Step 4: Once all the lights are off, release the reset button and wait a few minutes to allow the water heater to reset.

Step 5: Finally, wait another thirty seconds before turning on your faucets—you should hear them starting up right away! 

Step 6: Turn on the power to the water heater and wait for it to start heating the water.

Quick Hot Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Every once in a while, you need to give your hot water heater a little love. In order to keep your tank running smoothly and safely, it’s important to do some basic maintenance on it. Here are some quick hot water heater maintenance tips:

1. Inspect the water heater regularly for leaks, corrosion, and cracks. If you find any of these signs, shut off the power to your water heater and contact a professional for water heater repairs.

2. Clean or replace the anode rod every two or three years to prevent corrosion in the tank.

3. Check to ensure there are no signs of rust or corrosion on the tank. If there is, it could be an indication that your tank is leaking, which can cause damage to your home and harm your family’s health.

4. Check the temperature setting on your water heater regularly; it should be set between 120°F and 125°F (50-52°C).

5. Drain and flush the tank every year.

6. Never use water heaters to heat rooms. This could cause the tank to overheat and rupture, which can cause a fire.

7. Keep flammable materials away from the water heater and its exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is connected to a chimney and vents gases into the outside air. If you store flammable materials near these areas, they may ignite when exposed to hot gases escaping from your water heater’s exhaust pipe.

8. Check the water heater’s pressure relief valve to ensure it works properly and is not leaking.

9. Make sure it’s set up correctly! A poorly-placed hot water heater can waste energy and money—so make sure yours is in an ideal spot where it has enough airflow and heat sources (like a fireplace).

10. Flush sediment from the tank every three months by pouring a mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar into the cold water line (do not use hot water).

11. Keep track of how often you use your hot water heater, and when it’s time to replace it, make sure it’s replaced with a new one of equal or better quality.

12. Check the model number of your hot water heater before buying replacement parts so that they’ll fit properly.

13. If your hot water heater doesn’t have an automatic shutoff feature, be sure to turn off the power supply when you’re working on it—even if it’s just for a few minutes!

14. If your hot water heater is over 10 years old, consider replacing it with a new one!

15. It’s important to make sure that your thermostat is set correctly. The wrong setting can make it so that you waste energy or spend more money than necessary on heating up the water. You can usually find the thermostat on the outside of the tank near the bottom, but it will look different depending on what kind of tank you have.

Turn to Professional Water Heater Repair or Replacement Plumbers!

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