Plumbing Hacks You Should Know

Plumbing problems don’t always happen at the most convenient time. And when there’s a leak or a burst pipe, it can be difficult to know what to do.

Dealing with plumbing issues can be a frustrating and costly experience. 

You don’t think about plumbing hacks until something goes wrong, and then you’re presented with an issue that appears overwhelming. Then you’re stuck with the choice of hiring a professional plumber or attempting to fix it yourself.

While it’s always advisable to call a professional plumber for major problems, there are several plumbing hacks that can help you tackle minor issues on your own.

In this article, we’ve collected the best plumbing hacks from professional plumbing experts in Paso Robles and put them together in one place so that you can get back to living your life and not worrying about your pipes. 

So check out these tips, share them with your friends, and be sure to leave a comment if there’s anything we missed!

Why Should You Know Plumbing Hacks?

You might not think of plumbing as something you must learn about, but it’s surprisingly complex. It’s also one that can break down at any moment, so knowing a few basic plumbing hacks can save you a lot of trouble (and money).

Here are three reasons why you should learn more about plumbing hacks:

  • They make life easier.
  • You’ll save money on your water bill.
  • You can fix minor plumbing problems quickly.
  • It helps keep your family safe from injury or illness. 
  • It will help you avoid a lot of headaches and stress.
  • It can prevent major problems down the line.
  • You can be self-reliant in emergencies.
  • You’ll never have to worry about whether or not your toilet has enough water in it ever again!
  • It can increase the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures.
  • You can gain valuable skills and knowledge.
  • It’s the easiest way to impress your friends.

22 Plumbing Hacks You Should Know

If you’re a homeowner in Paso Robles, you’ve probably had to call a plumber at least once in your life. And if you haven’t, we’re not sure how long you’ve lived in your home. It’s almost inevitable that something will break down, and when it does, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait for the technician to arrive—and pay for their services.

That’s why we put together this list of 22 plumbing hacks trade shows that will help you get an effective plumbing system.

So get ready to learn something new!

Hack #1: Turn Off the Water before attempting repairs.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s essential to know where your main water shut-off valve is so you can turn off the water before you begin any plumbing repairs. If you don’t know where it is, ask your neighbors or check with a professional plumber. 

Hack #2: Know Where Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve Is

Knowing where this valve is located could save time and money in case of an emergency—not to mention prevent any serious damage from occurring while waiting for an emergency plumber or repairman! The valve can usually be found under the sink next to the hot and cold water lines, but it may also be located outside near where they connect to your house (or even in another area entirely). Check with an expert if necessary!

Hack #3: Have a leak? Try Replacing your O-rings again.

If your shower still has low water pressure even after you’ve replaced the O-rings, it could be because there is still a leak somewhere in the system. You can try turning off all of the water valves in your home and then turning them back on one at a time to find out which one is leaking. It’s also possible that there are multiple leaks in different parts of your house – if so, replacing all of their O-rings should solve the issue!

Hack #4: Low Water Pressure

If your home is having issues with low water pressure, there are a couple of things you can do to fix it. First, check the filter on your sink. If that’s clean, then check your faucet for plumbing hacks for leaking taps. If there’s no leak, it might be time to clean out the faucet aerator.

To clean an aerator, simply remove it from the end of the faucet and soak it in vinegar overnight. The next morning, rinse it off and put it back together. You should notice an improvement in water pressure immediately.

Hack #5: Use Plunger: The Best Thing Ever to Happen

Plungers are often used as a last resort for clogged drains, but they can be used in other ways too! If you’ve got a clogged sink or toilet, try using your plunger. It’s easier than digging in with your hands, and it’s less gross too. Plus, if you’re worried about splashing around dirty water, use a strainer on top of the nozzle before you start.

Hack #6: If Your Hair Clogs the Drain

This is one of those things people don’t talk about enough—but hair can actually cause pipes to clog. If there’s a big knot in the drain, it can cause problems for everyone sharing that pipe! In order to prevent this from happening (and ensure your pipes aren’t bursting), use a hair strainer over the drain before showering or filling up your tub. This will catch all of those little hairs so they don’t end up getting caught in the pipe below and causing problems down the road!

Hack #7: Baking soda and vinegar to unclog drains

Try baking soda and vinegar if you’re trying to unblock your drain but don’t want to use chemicals. This is a cheap, easy way to unclog your drain fast! Just pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by one cup of vinegar. Let it be there for approx 30 minutes before running hot water down the drain.

Baking soda and vinegar will bubble up as they react with each other and dissolve any buildup in your pipes. After 30 minutes, run hot water down the drain for several minutes until it runs clear again.

Hack #8: Wet/dry vacuum for unclogging toilets and removing water

If you can’t get your toilet unstuck by flushing with hot water alone, take out your wet/dry vacuum (or any other similar model) and suck up some water from the toilet bowl. The suction should help dislodge whatever’s causing the blockage so you can keep going with no mess!

Hack #9: Duct tape for tightening loose pipe fittings

Duct tape is a great tool for many things and is especially handy for fixing loose plumbing fittings. If you have a leaking pipe fitting and you can’t afford to hire someone to fix it, try Plumbing 101 using duct tape to tighten the nut. You can use any color duct tape that matches your pipes so that it blends in. Just wrap it around the nut until the leak stops!

Hack #10: Food coloring test for identifying silent toilet leaks

If you’re wondering whether or not your toilet is leaking, try adding some food coloring or liquid dish soap to the tank before you flush. If there are colored rings on the bowl after flushing, then your toilet is leaking! This method works best with white bowls because they’ll show up better in those colors than black ones will. If you don’t want to stain your bowl at all, try using clear dish soap instead of colored one—it won’t leave any marks at all!

Hack #11: Unclog showerheads with vinegar-filled bags

Showerheads can get clogged with mineral sediments and hair, which is gross! To clean them, you can use a vinegar-filled bag. Put the vinegar bag into the showerhead and turn on the water for roughly 30 seconds. The vinegar will dissolve the mineral buildup and clear out clogs. If there’s still mineral buildup in showerheads, then it’s time to call a professional shower installation service in Paso Robles!

Hack #12: Fix clogged garbage disposal.

If your garbage disposal is clogged, put ice cubes down the drain while running cold water to clear it out. Then pour 1 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by 1 cup of white vinegar, which will help break down grease buildup in the pipes and cause things to move along more smoothly from there on out. Want to replace or repair your garbage disposal? Call a professional garbage disposal repair and replacement company like Rocksteady Plumbing!

Hack #14: Vinegar to lubricate sticky valves

If you have a valve that’s been sticking and won’t budge no matter what you do, try pouring some vinegar on it—and watch as the vinegar dissolves away any residue or buildup that’s causing the valve to stick.

Hack #15: Insulating pipes to prevent freezing

If your pipes are going to freeze this winter, insulate them with bubble wrap or newspaper before turning off the heat and allowing them to cool down. This will give them a little extra protection against freezing temperatures when they’re not being used during cold weather months.

Hack #16: Use a hairdryer to thaw frozen pipes.

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with frozen pipes in the middle of winter when it feels like every other part of your house is freezing cold. We know—we’ve been there too. But did you know that there’s an easy solution? Just use a hairdryer to thaw them out! As long as the pipe isn’t completely frozen, it should defrost quickly (and safely) using this trick.

Hack #17: Vinegar for removing mineral deposits

If you’ve got mineral deposits on your sink or shower head, try using vinegar instead of bleach or other harsh chemicals! Simply pour some vinegar into a bowl and slowly dip your faucet into it; then let it sit overnight before rinsing off with hot water in the morning (don’t use cold water). Be sure not to use too much vinegar—one part vinegar to four parts water is plenty!

Hack #18: Fix stripped screw holes with toothpicks.

The next time your faucet handle breaks, don’t panic: Just grab a toothpick, poke it into the screw hole, and tighten! It works because the wood is softer than the metal in the screw, filling the hole and preventing water from leaking.

Hack #19: Fix leaky faucet handles with a wrench.

If you have a loose faucet handle, chances are that it’s just a matter of tightening things up a bit. You can use both pliers and wrenches to do this job—just make sure you match up the right size of tool (pliers will be too big for smaller jobs).

Hack #20: Install a water filtration system for cleaner water.

If you’re looking to improve the quality of your tap water, install a whole-house water filter. These filters can be installed on the main line that supplies your home with water, so they’ll filter all the water that comes out of your faucets. They’re great for removing heavy metals and other contaminants from your home’s drinking water supply. You can purchase them at any hardware store or online and ask a professional water heater filter installation expert to install them in your home.

Hack #21: Use a plunger to unclog kitchen sink drains.

If your kitchen sink is clogged, try using this clogged sink hack first before calling in a professional drain-cleaning plumber. Plungers work by suctioning air into the drain and forcing it through any clogged pipes in the system. If this clogged kitchen sink hack doesn’t work, try pouring hot water down the drain to clear away any debris that may be creating the blockage—this trick works even better if you let it sit for a while before pouring cold water down after it!

Hack #22: Don’t forget to use safety gloves when working with chemicals.

When working on a plumbing problem, it’s easy to get distracted by all the different tools and systems involved—but don’t forget about your safety! You should always wear gloves when dealing with dangerous chemicals. This will help protect your eyes and hands from injury while allowing you to do the job safely.

When to Call Pro Plumbers in Paso Robles

If you’ve ever had a severe plumbing problem, you know that it can be incredibly stressful. You don’t have to be a professional plumber to fix your own plumbing issues—there are plenty of plumbing tips and hacks out there that can help you get back on track.

But sometimes, even the best DIY solutions don’t work, and you may need to call an expert for professional plumbing services. That’s where Rocksteady Plumbing comes in! We provide quality plumbing repair service in Paso Robles, CA, with the highest level of customer satisfaction and professionalism.

We have been offering plumbing services in Paso Robles since 2018 and are proud to be a part of this community. We understand the importance of having a reliable plumber who takes pride in their work and will do everything else we can to make sure your needs are always met.

We are known for our high standards of workmanship and have a reputation for being highly reliable. We can help you with all kinds of plumbing help and services, including:

Shower installation services in Paso Robles, CA

Bathroom remodeling companies in Paso Robles, CA

Commercial plumbing contractors in Paso Robles, CA

Garbage disposal installation experts in Paso Robles, CA

Water Heater Repair in Paso Robles

– Faucet Installation Services in Paso Robles

Our team has years of experience working on all kinds of plumbing projects so you can trust us with your project. We will come to your home and give you a free estimate that won’t break the bank, so call now!

Whether you need emergency Plumbing Solutions and Fixes in Paso Robles or just want something fixed around your home or business, we’ll be there for you 24/7!

Looking for a fast, reliable solution to your plumbing issues? Give Rocksteady Plumbing a call today at 805-237-7625!

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