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We at Rocksteady Plumbing are focused on the customer. Service plumbing is not just showing up within an hour or so of the appointment and doing the minimum to get the job done. If that is what you've come to expect from a plumbing contractor, you will be pleasantly surprised when you call Rocksteady Plumbing. We know you take great pride in your home and we will treat it like it was our own. We use rubber mats to protect your floors when working inside and shoe covers to keep your clean carpet looking as nice as it did before we arrived. Every effort is made to keep the mess to a minimum and if we do make a mess, you can be assured we'll clean it up to a level that meets your satisfaction. In most cases you wouldn't know anyone was there, except for maybe a maid.

We work quickly to save you money but not so fast that it risks quality. Some tasks can not be rushed and we will not work hastily at the expense of the customer. It is not your concern that there might be a call after yours and when we are at your house, you are the priority. We will work at a speed that ensures the job is done properly and will never drag our feet to pad the bill. There is a moral compass in the contracting world that has stopped working. You may be used to second guessing everything you hear from a construction contractor, questioning their motives. We have a strong sense of ethics that dictates we treat every customer the same and we will never sell you something you don't need.

Rocksteady Plumbing takes great pride in doing doing all repairs correctly but if you are not satisfied with any work we've done, we will redo it until you are happy. While nobody can say they are perfect, we strive to be. In our quest for perfection some mistakes may happen and we will make them right every time, no matter what it takes. In the end, if you are not happy neither are we. 

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