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Water Filtration Makes You Feel Better

Posted On: June 26, 2010 | Posted By: Rocksteady Plumbing

Do you feel dried out after a shower?  Chlorine that’s added to municipal water isn’t good for your skin and hair.  You can easily, safely and affordably remove Chlorine from your water with a whole house carbon filter.  Carbon filters will also remove other odors and tastes from your incoming water and leave it smelling and tasting fresher.

Add a water softener to the mix and you will remove Calcium and Magnesium from your water.  Soft water is just that, soft.  You can feel it on your skin and it’s a much fresher feeling.  You can say goodbye to the heavy, mineral laden feeling left after a shower.  You actually get clean!!  Not to mention all of your fixtures, dishes, appliances, etc.

Combine a water softener and a particulate/carbon block filter and you’ll be left with clean, soft and safe water for your family and home.

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