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Spring Has Sprung and it’s Root Season

Posted On: April 10, 2010 | Posted By: Rocksteady Plumbing

With the nice weather around the corner also comes root growth in your sewer lines.  Chances are if you have an older home with clay, cast iron or orangeburg drain lines, they have roots in them.  Trees are growing again and the roots will be causing you problems if you don’t take action.

Rocksteady Plumbing can help you with either maintaining your sewer line or replacing it with a new plastic line.  We are able to control root problems with cable machines or hydro jetters but both options are a management plan, not a permanent solution.  For that, the line may need partial or total replacement.  To determine the condition of your sewer main, we have state of the art video inspection and line location equipment.

If you want to stay on top of the situation and stop a costly and messy problem before it develops, give us a call at 805-237-7625.  For every dollar spent in prevention you stand to save several more.

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