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Shower Valve Replacement

Posted On: September 22, 2009 | Posted By: Rocksteady Plumbing

Old and Outdated Mixet Shower ValveAccess Hole Made in Bedroom WallOld Mixet Valve Cut Out From the BackOld Valve Removed Without Damage to the TileNew Moen Shower Valve InstalledAll Done!  No Drips, Easy to Use and Safer!!

There comes a time when a fixture isn’t worth repairing. Obviously some products last longer than others but nobody has invented the “forever” fixture. Many times when you factor in the costs and longevity of a repair, replacement is a better investment.

This Mixet shower valve was technically repairable but the cost to keep an old and inferior design going wasn’t a good investment for the homeowner. For a few hundred dollars more they were able to replace the old, non pressure balancing valve with a much better Moen.

The first step is to cut a clean and neat access hole behind the valve. This shower backed up to a bedroom but often times there is a closet that can hide the hole. Through this hole the old valve can be removed without damaging any of the tile in the shower itself.

After the access hole is made, the old valve can be cut out. By making a good, workable access opening you can assure that there is plenty of working room.

After the old valve is removed from the wall, the new one can be soldered into place. Always keep in mind that there is a flame inside the wall. This can be a dangerous job to undertake yourself if you are not experienced soldering copper pipe. Take all precautions to avoid starting a fire and make the access hole large enough not to cramp the working space.

After the new valve is installed and checked for leaks, the new trim can be installed from the front.

Now that the new Moen valve is installed the customer can enjoy a trouble free shower for decades to come. Along with getting a new and easy to use shower valve they also received a safety upgrade at no extra cost. The new Moen valve is equipped with a pressure balancing cartridge to eliminate unwanted bursts of hot or cold water. This is especially important when installing in a bathroom used by children or the elderly. A loss of cold water pressure on an old style valve would certainly send an extra burst of hot water and could cause sever burns. Those concerns are a thing of the past and all you need to do is enjoy a relaxing shower and forget all of your other problems. At least your plumbing is fixed!

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