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Keep that Rinnai tankless water heater working!

Posted On: February 5, 2013 | Posted By: Rocksteady Plumbing

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Rinnai makes the best tank-less water heaters but they aren’t zero maintenance. A tank-less water heater by nature is a complicated and involved piece of machinery. There are many points of failure, though the best manufacturers provide great reliability. Even though Rinnai has likely spent millions of dollars to perfect their product, the homeowner still needs to do a few things to ensure your investment keeps providing all of that wonderful hot water.

The biggest thing you can do is supply your tank-less water heater with good water. This usually means conditioning the water. A water softener is ideal in most applications but some applications require different approaches. Chemical filters are available that will dramatically lessen scale build up without softening the water. This avoids the sodium involved in water softening and is popular with those on low sodium diets or dumping into a septic tank. If the water is especially dirty (a private well with sediment heavy water, for example) you may want to have a pre filter installed to keep the solids out of the water heater. Rocksteady Plumbing can help you with your water needs and allow you to experience hot water for as long as you’d like.

After the water condition is addressed, maintenance comes into play. Number one, by far, is the health of your heat exchanger. Rinnai recommends that the heat exchanger be flushed with a descaling solution annually. This will removed built up lime scale and keep your high efficiency water heater running at it’s potential. Vinegar can be used but is not strong enough to fully clean a heat exchanger, especially with the San Luis Obispo county water. A biodegradable, food grade, commercial scale removal chemical is used by Rocksteady Plumbing and ensures that the heat exchanger is treated to the highest level. Allowing lime scale and hard water build-up to enter your tank-less water heater can lessen it’s efficiency, lead to part failures and shorten it’s lifespan. Rocksteady Plumbing can perform your annual service for you at a reasonable price so you can get back to that long hot shower and unlimited hot water.

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